Thursday, July 19, 2007

Blog usage in my classroom.

This blog would be used in the classroom to discuss, review and analyze assigned readings. The specific benefit of the blog is that students can instantly share their thoughts, ideas and viewpoints with others while engrossed in the reading. In addition, i can guide the students toward certain noteable aspects of the readings to facilitate discussions at home.

Example review:

Don Quixote has informed so many popular tropes of the art world that they are too numerous to keep track of. Cervantes influence can be traced through the novels of Sterne, Fielding, Dickens and even in modern film and television. The entire genre of the "buddy story/film" owes itself to the Quixote/Sancho Panza relationship. In addition, the dry humour employed in Quixote was certainly a precursor to the stylings of comedy groups like Monty Python.

Read it if only to witness the longstanding influence of one of the earliest novels ever created.

Kieran Emmond